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Digital experiences through design, media and interaction.
Thinking outside the screen, by Aaron Cawte.

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What I Do

Web Development

I am a software developer by trade. My experience spans a range of modern technologies, something I started to build up at University by building a full-stack web application for data analysis as my final year project.
Apr 2019

Live Events

My skills in planning, marketing and hosting live events were born from my extensive work with student groups at the University of Leicester Students' Union in 2017/18. I helped run events with groups including the Computing Society, Galaxy Radio and the LGBT+ Society.
Oct 2018

Building Brands

I've got a bit of a reputation for branding stuff. Student Groups, side projects, and Twitter accounts. My work has been featured on clothing, stickers, cupcakes, projections, mailing lists, and even crockery! Been there, done that, made the t-shirt.
Oct 2018

What I'm Working On


As a personal brand and portfolio, I use bbncreative as a space for learning, developing my skills and showcasing my work.
Ongoing project
Individual Work


With the working title "Feast", this enchanting pilot episode was shot on location in a beautiful Scottish setting in just five days.
Mar 2019
Individual Work

Computing Society

As president of the University of Leicester's Computing Society in 2017/18, I led a multi-award winning transformation of a growing academic student group.
Jun 2018
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