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9th Oct 2018

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Live Events

My skills in planning, marketing and hosting live events were born from my extensive work with student groups at the University of Leicester Students' Union in 2017/18. I helped run events with groups including the Computing Society, Galaxy Radio and the LGBT+ Society.

Henry and Aaron broadcasting in the early hours

The Night Shift

Galaxy Radio's most famous event is its annual charity broadcast: a non-stop run of one-off content over the course of a weekend in the spring term.

In 2018 I co-hosted Saturday's night shift with Station Manager Henry, presenting a light-hearted commentary on the behind-the-scenes events at GR, keeping the show going until the next morning began.

It was a pleasure to be a part of the broadcast, for which I also supported the technical and logistical aspects, given that it is run entirely by students for a fantastic charitable cause.

Created: 1st Dec 2018

Point-of-view photo taken on stage at Freshers Fair 2017.

Welcome to Fresh Fair!

Starting off a year of student group madness in style, I co-hosted 2017's Fresh Fair main stage with Station Manager Henry at the University of Leicester Students' Union.

Broadcasting music and taster snippets throughout the busiest days of Freshers, Henry and I used the station's social media channels to interact with attendees, introduce students to the Galaxy brand and help to publicise other student groups.

By taking requests, shouting out groups and introducing live stage performances, GR managed to build a strong community atmosphere at the fair, leading the society into a year of successful collaborations with other groups and increased publicity across campus.

Created: 1st Dec 2018