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Sep 2018


Taking photos, for me, is a way to explore. When you're looking for a moment to capture, you're always focused on what's going on around you. Some people say the camera is a distraction, I say it keeps me focused.

Live band on stage at LMHH 2017

In the moment

As well as holding the camera for excited attendees who wanted photos together, a key objective at 2017's event was to generate some striking photography of the acts for use in future years' marketing.

Acts were thrilled to have their performances documented and shared with them for their own use, attendees enjoyed reliving their experience through our photos on social media, and some of the best snaps did indeed go on to appear in all kinds of marketing materials for 2018's event.

Posted: 15th Dec 2018

UoL Women's Team

The Winning Team

Photographing the game from the stands with limited equipment was certainly a challenge, but with a focus on producing varied content with a unique perspective, I captured some defining moments of the games with an in-the-moment quality that supported GR's brand.

Working with Station Manager Henry and our live commentary team, we were able to produce timely social media content across GR's social channels with a point-of-view perspective of the game, complementing our broadcast to create holistic multimedia coverage of the game for our campus audience.

Posted: 2nd Dec 2018

Commentators at Varsity 2018

Live at Varsity

Given a last-minute opportunity, I took the responsibility of photographer and videographer for Galaxy Radio at the University's annual Varsity Rugby game at the Leicester Tigers Stadium.

After helping to set up GR's outdoor studio to broadcast live commentary throughout the women's and men's rugby games, I helped to document the event in photos and supported the commentators on GR's social media.

Posted: 2nd Dec 2018