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Oct 2018


Video is the content form that's taking over right now. Having produced digital content for my own channels, as well as having documented events and supported live streams for University Student Groups at a high standard, I'm excited about the potential video content has to offer.

Medieval friar plays the mandolin

Playing with opportunity

Presented with the challenges of everything from sourcing costumes to translating lines on the go, the Feast crew captured every moment on their 5-day shooting adventure and let working constraints drive the output, instead of hinder it.

Pictured: Marlow plays a melody while the cameras are set up for the next shot.

Posted: 20th Jul 2019


As one of the better examples of production quality on my teenage YouTube channel, disconnected is a visual piece about your connection with the world around you - and how I saw it through my eyes.

disconnected was written, filmed and edited by me over only a couple of days during my second year at university.

Posted: 22nd Dec 2018

Highlights Reel

Acting as a showcase for the great performances at LMHH 2018, as well as the motion graphics and marketing implemented for the event; this 2-minute video shows brief clips of some of the event's most exciting performances.

The Highlights Reel is available to the society going forwards to market events in a more immersive way than was previously possible.

Posted: 22nd Dec 2018

Placeholder screen for performance video clip

Love Videography

With a highly successful run of events behind us, we aimed to do a lot more to market LMHH in 2018. Working together with society treasurer Henry Lavender, I used my prior experience with the event and its brand to carry out a full video recording of the event's acts.

Available to artists for their own uses and to the audience for them to remember their experience, we produced video clips with branded motion graphics and informational end cards using minimal equipment.

Posted: 15th Dec 2018

CompSoc 2018 Highlights

Student groups are about developing communities and having fun. In efforts to publicise the society to future members and offer old members something to remember their experience with (in equal measure), I led the production of a 2-minute highlights reel of CompSoc's activities in the 2017/18 academic year.

Featuring plenty of point-of-view video footage, the reel gives the viewer a real insight into membership of the society, and provides a positive, friendly summary of the year's events and activities.

Posted: 11th Nov 2018

Multi-Science Bar Crawl

The annual Multi-Science Bar Crawl is a highlight in Leicester's student group calendar, and in 2018 CompSoc took the lead on organising and marketing the event, alongside a collection of other great student groups.

Word about the event needed to reach far and wide across campus, and it needed to make an impression. I produced a simple and bold brand for the event which was in-keeping with modern styles for university social events, and with that created a short teaser video in both landscape and portrait formats, ready for societies to share across their array of modern social media profiles.

The event was a great success, pulling in students from all the sciences subject groups, as well as friends and fellow students from beyond. CompSoc gained a great deal of recognition for its marketing of the event.

Posted: 11th Nov 2018

#NewCompSoc Is Here

In order for CompSoc's relaunch to stand out from all the other opportunities crowding social media at the start of the academic year, CompSoc led the way for UoL's student groups by using video to introduce itself.

Making the most of limited photo and video media from previous events, and overlaying bold graphics to catch the viewer's eye, I produced a 90 second summary of what the society offers, which was ultimately viewed by hundreds of potential members.

Posted: 11th Nov 2018