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Oct 2018

Web Design

I've been working with web technologies since the summer of 2013, when a friend came to me with a great idea. Ever since then, I've pursued my passion for making stuff on the screen, working on a wide variety of projects and briefs. A great example of my web design is the site you're reading right now, which I hand crafted from start to finish, designed specifically for the content it shares with you.

Search result screenshot from Moodscoop project

Visualising Language Data

This screenshot shows an example of a results page on Moodscoop. While full lexical data and source tweets are shown in a data-intensive format lower down the page, the design aims to show primarily visual information above the fold.

Emojis - as an increasingly common decorator for text on social media - are given the top spot as a small selection of them can give the user a very good idea of sentiments expressed in the data found. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words".

Posted: 18th Nov 2018