Privacy Policy

1. General Usage

bbncreative does not track or collect and personally identifiable information (PII) of website visitors when browsing the site. Specific use cases, along with involved parties, ways the data is used, how to manage that data, and relevant processes are specified as follows.

2. Data Use Cases

2.1 Contact Form Inputs

When making contact with bbncreative via the Contact Form on the website, your name, email address, subject line and message are requested. That data will be used exclusively as follows:

The data will be stored by the data controller, Aaron Cawte, on bbncreative's third-party email hosting service for as long as is necessary for the thread of correspondenece. Data will be removed if the thread of conversation has concluded and requires no further action.

Any data, including messages sent previously, your name and your email address can be requested from removal from bbncreative's records on third party mail servers with another message sent through the contact form requesting this action be taken.

2.2 Contact Form reCaptcha Verification

User verification such as Google reCaptcha is utilised on the site, such as on submission of the contact form. These services may provide cookies through bbncreative, and should not be used if you do not wish to accept cookies.

If you need further information or clarification on this policy, please contact the Data Controller.