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The bbncreative play button logo

The Play Button Logo

As the basis for the bbncreative's current identity, the play logo represents bbncreative's three key values of simplicity, motion and boldness. The icon fits into existing contexts easily, forming a recognisable imprint useable on any content.

The icon also is also shaped similarly to a play button, reflecting the brand's slogan "Press Play", resembling motion and interaction.

Posted: 3rd Apr 2019

The front page of the bbncreative style guide

Brand Style Guide

I created a fully branded style guide for bbncreative as a personal challenge. It details the brand colours, typography, slogan, values, content styles and more in a concise document. Albeit overkill for a personal brand, the document has become a useful reference for work on the project given that it is not worked on continuously.

Posted: 3rd Apr 2019