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Mar 2019

Feast Crew

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Individual Work for Feast Crew

With the working title "Feast", this enchanting pilot episode was shot on location in a beautiful Scottish setting in just five days.

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Aaron Cawte
Camera Operator
Medieval friar plays the mandolin

Playing with opportunity

Presented with the challenges of everything from sourcing costumes to translating lines on the go, the Feast crew captured every moment on their 5-day shooting adventure and let working constraints drive the output, instead of hinder it.

Pictured: Marlow plays a melody while the cameras are set up for the next shot.

Posted: 20th Jul 2019

Prop letter reading "I have given up speech for Lent"

Better Together

The success of the shoot came from our pooling of resources. In a team of five, we each took a lead not where our roles said we should, but where our skills and experience would benefit the project.

A shoot completed in less than half the human-hours than the industry standard required a great deal of creativity and improvisation - best seen in work like the calligraphy of our prop stationery, created the night before shooting began, and adapted in-between scenes.

Posted: 20th Jul 2019

Now the real work begins

As with any serious filmography, post-production takes time and a great deal of care to get right. Feast remains in the cutting room at the time of writing, and the next steps for the project will be planned in the remainder of 2019.

Posted: 20th Jul 2019