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Love Music

Project Details

Mar 2018

UoL LGBT+ Society

Collaborative work for UoL LGBT+ Society

After creating a successful brand for Love Music Hate Homophobia in 2017, I returned in 2018 to help promote and run the University of Leicester LGBT+ Society's flagship event!

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Aaron Cawte
Publicity Officer (2017), Event Marketing (2018)
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Henry Lavender
Treasurer & Production Assistant (2018)

LMHH - The Beginning

With a reputation as a successful event, but little to work with in terms of branding materials from the society, the choice was obvious: create an attention-grabbing brand specifically for the event.

Bringing together LGBT+ pride and live music, just like the event, the logo's simplistic acronym gave LMHH an immediately recognisable presence across campus.

As well as a subtle reference to gender identity colours, the bold palette of the logo helped pitch the event as a fun, cultural event that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Posted: 15th Dec 2018

LMHH 2017 Static Advert

Spreading the word

For a mostly unaware student audience, a creative approach was needed to market the event on campus. We got in touch with the marketing team at the Students' Union, who agreed to run an informational ad on their screens within the building.

Pictured, the static advert made the best of limited media from past events, bold and vibrant branding, and more recognisable sponsor/partner logos in order to relate to as wide an audience as possible.

Posted: 15th Dec 2018

Live band on stage at LMHH 2017

In the moment

As well as holding the camera for excited attendees who wanted photos together, a key objective at 2017's event was to generate some striking photography of the acts for use in future years' marketing.

Acts were thrilled to have their performances documented and shared with them for their own use, attendees enjoyed reliving their experience through our photos on social media, and some of the best snaps did indeed go on to appear in all kinds of marketing materials for 2018's event.

Posted: 15th Dec 2018

Act on stage at LMHH 2018

Love Social Media

We knew our audience, many of whom were supporting the performers, would enjoy sharing their experience on social media as part of the overall experience. Focussing on this, I collaborated with the society committee to design and promote a Snapchat geofilter for 2018's event.

We asked the event hosts to promote the filter whilst on stage during the event - an approach that led far more users to discover the filter than otherwise, resulting in generous usage across the audience.

Making use of the geofilter ourselves too, we saw the brand pop up across campus in the days thereafter as part of people's memories of a great night out.

Posted: 15th Dec 2018

Placeholder screen for performance video clip

Love Videography

With a highly successful run of events behind us, we aimed to do a lot more to market LMHH in 2018. Working together with society treasurer Henry Lavender, I used my prior experience with the event and its brand to carry out a full video recording of the event's acts.

Available to artists for their own uses and to the audience for them to remember their experience, we produced video clips with branded motion graphics and informational end cards using minimal equipment.

Posted: 15th Dec 2018

Highlights Reel

Acting as a showcase for the great performances at LMHH 2018, as well as the motion graphics and marketing implemented for the event; this 2-minute video shows brief clips of some of the event's most exciting performances.

The Highlights Reel is available to the society going forwards to market events in a more immersive way than was previously possible.

Posted: 22nd Dec 2018